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Maple Wing Pattern Series

Maple wings (the seed pods or samaras) from the red maple tree are especially distinctive.  The rosy color of young whirlybirds stands out against the green leaves and grey bark. I’ve planted several of these trees on the farm and they are lovely in late spring, the coloration persisting for weeks. Unusual botanicals like these make interesting design motifs.

Click on any image to expand view.

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Maple Wing | Natural

Maple Wings | Natural PATTERN
Maple Wings | Natural DETAIL
Maple Wings | Natural CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Black

Maple Wings | Black PATTERN
Maple Wings | Black PATTERN
Maple Wings | Black CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Cashmere

Maple Wings | Cashmere PATTERN
Maple Wing | Cashmere DETAIL
Maple Wing | Cashmere CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Blue Bronze

Maple Wings | Blue Bronze PATTERN
Maple Wings | Blue Bronze DETAIL
Maple Wings | Blue Bronze CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Gentle

Maple Wings | Gentle PATTERN
Maple Wings | Gentle DETAIL
Maple Wings | Gentle CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Shadow

Maple Wing | Shadow PATTERN
Maple Wings | Shadow DETAIL
Maple Wings | Shadow CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Delft

Maple Wings | Delft PATTERN
Maple Wings | Delft DETAIL
Maple Wings | Delft CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Ink

Maple Wings _ Ink PATTERN
Maple Wings | Ink DETAIL
Maple Wings | Ink CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Night Brite

Maple Wings | Night Brite PATTERN
Maple Wings | Night Brite PATTERN
Maple Wings | Night Brite CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Blueline

Maple Wings | Blueline PATTERN
Maple Wings | Blueline DETAIL
Maple Wings | Blueline CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Cobalt

Maple Wings | Cobalt PATTERN
Maple Wings | Cobalt DETAIL
Maple Wings | Cobalt CLOSE UP

Maple Wing | Saddle

Maple Wings | Saddle PATTERN
Maple Wings | Saddle DETAIL
Maple Wings | Saddle CLOSE UP