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Jovellana Pattern Series

A quirky little flower, jovellana has a happy, open-mouthed face (spattered with colorful freckles no less). In a cluster they bounce above the foliage. Sadly, she does not overwinter in my area but I admire her cheeriness nonetheless.

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Jovellana | Violet Night

Jovellana Violet Night PATTERN
Jovellana Violet Night DETAIL
Jovellana Violet Night CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Jade

Jovellana Jade PATTERN
Jovellana Jade DETAIL
Jovellana Jade CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Lilac Spring

Jovellana Lilac Spring PATTERN
ovellana Lilac Spring DETAIL
Jovellana Lilac Spring CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Olive & Ochre

Jovellana Olive Ochre PATTERN
Jovellana Olive Ochre DETAIL
Jovellana Olive Ochre CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Siver Spring

Jovellana Silver Spring PATTERN
Jovellana Silver Spring DETAIL
Jovellana Silver Spring CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Blue Dream

Jovellana Blue Dream PATTERN
Jovellana Blue Dream DETAIL
ovellana Blue Dream CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Vintage Holiday

Jovellana Vintage Holiday PATTERN
Jovellana Vintage Holiday DETAIL
Jovellana Vintage Holiday CLOSE U

Jovellana | Seaside

Jovellana Seaside PATTERN
Jovellana Seaside DETAIL
Jovellana Seaside CLOSE UP

Jovellana | Garden Green

Jovellana Garden Green PATTERN
Jovellana Garden Green DETAIL
Jovellana Garden Green CLOSE UP