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Gourd Blossom Pattern Series

Unexpected: the warty gourd begins life with a delicately ruffled white bloom. While the flower might be considered insignificant to florists, and though it certainly would not make a successful cut flower, to a farmer down on her knees scouting for squash bugs, a first close-up glimpse was a delightful surprise. The patterns have tamed the scrambling curcurbit vine, incorporating the curling tendrils into the design.  

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Gourd Blossom | Sage

Gourd Blossom Sage PATTERN
Gourd Blossom Sage DETAIL
Gourd Blossom Sage CLOSE UP

Gourd Blossom | Navy & Blush

Gourd Blossom Navy Blush PATTERN
Gourd Blossom Navy Blush DETAIL
Gourd Blossom Navy Blush CLOSE UP

Gourd Blossom | Spring

Gourd Blossom Spring PATTERN
Gourd Blossom Navy Blush DETAIL
Gourd Blossom Sage CLOSE UP

Gourd Blossom | Delft

Gourd Blossom Delft PATTERN
Gourd Blossom Delft DETAIL
Gourd Blossom Delft CLOSE UP

Gourd Blossom | Taupe

Gourd Blossom Taupe PATTERN
Gourd Blossom Taupe DETAIL
Gourd Blossom Taupe CLOSE UP