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Echeveria Pattern Series

The beauty of this botanical is not in its flowers, rarther in its lovely rosette of variegated leaves. I lost this plant to an early frost several years ago and have looked for another ever since, Candidly, I’m not sure it is an echeveria or another succulent cousin. 


The prominent veining works in jewel tones and pastels. It is the first in a new RTQ (Ready To Quilt) colorway. The seamless pattern is overlaid with vibrant colorations. This interesting direction deserves more exploration.

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Echeveria | Natural

Succulent Natural PATTERN
Succulent Natural DETAIL
Blackberry Cluster Light CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Wedgewood

Succulent Wedgewood PATTERN
Succulent Wedgewood DETAIL
Echeveria Wedgewood CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Saddle

Echeveria Saddle PATTERN
Echeveria Saddle DETAIL
Echeveria Wedgewood CLOSE UP

Echeveria | RTQ 1

Echeveria RTQ 1 PATTERN
Echeveria RTQ 1 DETAIL
Echeveria RTQ 1 CLOSE UP

Echeveria | RTQ 2

Echeveria RTQ 2 PATTERN
Echeveria Sepia DETAIL
Echeveria Sepia CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Bronzed Blue

Echeveria Bronzed Blue PATTERN
Echeveria Bronzed Blue DETAIL
Echeveria Bronzed Blue CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Delft

Echeveria Delft PATTERN
Echeveria Delft DETAIL
Echeveria Delft CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Amethyst

Echeveria Amethyst PATTERN
Echeveria Amethyst DETAIL
Echeveria Amethyst CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Purple Velvet

Echeveria Purple Velvet PATTERN
Echeveria Purple Velvet DETAIL
Echeveria Purple Velvet CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Red Rimlight

Echeveria Red Rimlight PATTERN
Echeveria Red Rimlight DETAIL
Echeveria Red Rimlight CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Bright

Echeveria Bright PATTERN
Echeveria Bright DETAIL
Echeveria Bright CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Rose

Echeveria Rose PATTERN
Echeveria Rose DETAIL
Echeveria Rose CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Rose

Echeveria Wine PATTERN
Echeveria Wine DETAIL
Echeveria Rose CLOSE UP

Echeveria | Sepia

Echeveria Sepia PATTERN
Echeveria Sepia DETAIL
Echeveria Sepia CLOSE UP