Solanum Pattern Series

This pretty vine is a member of the solanum family best known for its edibles (tomato, eggplant, and potato) and its poisonous nightshade cousins. Commonly called potato vine, Solanum jasminoides does indeed resemble jasmine. The graceful habit, palest lavender flowers, and variegated leaves make a lovely motif. 

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Solanum | Steel

Solanum Steel PATTERN
Solanum Steel DETAIL
Blackberry Cluster Light CLOSE UP

Solanum | Dusty Rose

Solanum Dusty Rose PATTERN
Solanum Dusty Rose DETAIL
Solanum Dusty Rose CLOSE UP

Solanum | Seaside

Solanum Seaside PATTERN
Solanum Seaside DETAIL
Solanum Seaside CLOSE UP

Solanum | Cobalt

Solanum Cobalt PATTERN
Solanum Cobalt DETAIL
Solanum Cobalt CLOSE UP

Solanum | Platinum

Solanum Platinum PATTERN
Solanum Platinum DETAIL
Solanum Platinum CLOSE UP

Solanum | Tobacco

Solanum Cobalt PATTERN
Solanum Tobacco DETAIL
Solanum Tobacco CLOSE UP

Solanum Crest | Multiple Colorways

Solanum Crest Platinum PATTERN
Solanum Crest Cobalt PATTERN
Solanum Crest Tobacco PATTERN