Fetti Pattern Series

Like so many inspirations, it all began with a single favorite. In  this case, a paint brush, or more specifically, the marks it made. Adding color and transparency, doubling down with overlays and masks. With each iteration, wondering if this new twist was too much Рor a new beginning.

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Fetti | December

Fetti December PATTERN
Fetti December DETAIL
Fetti December CLOSE UP

Fetti | November

Fetti November PATTERN
Fetti November DETAIL
Fetti November CLOSE UP

Fetti | October

Fetti October PATTERN
Fetti October DETAIL
Fetti October CLOSE UP

Fetti | September

Fetti | September DETAIL
Fetti | September DETAIL2
Fetti | September CLOSE UP

Fetti | August

Fetti August PATTERN
Fetti August DETAIL
Fetti August CLOSE UP

Fetti | July

Fetti | July PATTERN
Fetti | July DETAIL
Fetti | July CLOSE UP

Fetti | June

Fetti | July DETAIL
Fetti | July DETAIL
Fetti | July CLOSE UP

Fetti | May

Fetti May DETAIL
Fetti May CLOSE UP

Fetti | April

Fetti April PATTERN
Fetti April DETAIL
Fetti April CLOSE UP

Fetti | March

Fetti March PATTERN
Fetti March DETAIL
Fetti March CLOSE UP

Fetti | February

Fetti | February PATTERN
Fetti | February DETAIL
Fetti | February CLOSE UP

Fetti | January

Fetti | January PATTERN
Fetti | January DETAIL
Fetti | January CLOSE UP

Fetti | Shadow

Fetti Shadow Gold PATTERN
Fetti Shadow Coral PATTERN
Fetti Shadow Blue PATTERN

Fetti | Scratch

Fetti Scratch Greys DETAIL
Fetti Scratch Blues DETAIL
Fetti Scratch | Salsa DETAIL