Daylily Pattern Series

Daylilies are tough, hardy perennials but their frilly blooms look decidedly tropical. It’s no wonder these surface patterns took a turn toward Hawiian shirts, in both contemporary and vintage colorways. 

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Daylily | Blue Suede

Daylily | Blue Suede PATTERN
Daylily | Blue Suede DETAIL

Daylily | Pop Gold

Daylily | Pop Gold PATTERN
Daylily | Pop Gold DETAIL

Daylily | Indigo Chill

Daylily | Indigo Chill PATTERN
Daylily | Indigo Chill DETAIL

Daylily | Brown Butter

Daylily | Brown Butter PATTERN
Daylily | Brown Butter DETAIL

Daylily | Black Currant

Daylily | Black Currant PATTERN
Daylily | Black Currant DETAIL

Daylily | Midnight Glow

Daylily | Midnight Glow PATTERN
Daylily | Midnight Glow DETAIL

Daylily | Sedona Twilight

Daylily | Sedona Twilight PATTERN
Daylily | Sedona Twilight DETAIL

Daylily | Winter Twilight

Daylily | Winter Twilight PATTERN
Daylily | Winter Twilight DETAIL

Daylily | Vintage Holiday

Daylily | Vintage Holiday PATTERN
Daylily | Vintage Holiday DETAIL

Daylily | Copper Coffee

Daylily | Copper Coffee PATTERN
Daylily | Copper Coffee DETAIL

Daylily | Copper Glow

Daylily | Copper Glow PATTERN
Daylily | Copper Glow DETAIL