Cobea Pattern Series

A charming annual vine, cobea blooms with large bells in white or purple all summer long. This pattern features clusters of the flowers in imaginitve colorways. The translucent petals overlap and the veing and stamens add textural interest to the designs.

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Cobea | Sweet

Cobea Sweet PATTERN
Cobea Sweet DETAIL
Cobea Sweet CLOSE UP

Cobea | Delft

Cobea Delft PATTERN
Cobea Delft DETAIL
Cobea Delft CLOSE UP

Cobea | Amber


Cobea Amber PATTERN
Cobea Amber DETAIL
Cobea Amber CLOSE UP

Cobea | Gleam

Cobea Gleam PATTERN
Cobea Gleam DETAIL
Cobea Gleam CLOSE UP

Cobea | Holiday Night

Cobea Holday Night PATTERN
Cobea Holday Night DETAIL
Cobea Holday Night CLOSE UP

Cobea | Holiday Morning

Cobea Holiday Morning PATTERN
Cobea Holiday Morning DETAIL
Cobea Holiday Morning CLOSE UP

Cobea | Joy

Cobea Joy DETAIL
Cobea Joy CLOSE UP

Cobea | Bonnie Blues

Cobea Bonnie Blues PATTERN
Cobea Bonnie Blues DETAIL
Cobea Bonnie Blues CLOSE UP

Cobea | Cocoa

Cobea Cocoa PATTERN
Cobea Cocoa DETAIL
Cobea Cocoa CLOSE UP

Cobea | Garden Greens

Garden Greens PATTERN
Cobea Garden Greens DETAIL
Cobea Garden Greens CLOSE UP

Cobea | Midnight

Cobea Midnight PATTERN
Cobea Midnight DETAIL
Cobea Midnight CLOSE UP

Cobea | Scarlet

Cobea Scarlet PATTERN
Cobea Scarlet DETAIL
Cobea Scarlet CLOSE UP

Cobea | Sky

Cobea Sky DETAIL
Cobea Sky CLOSE UP

Cobea | Moody

Cobea Moody PATTERN
Cobea Moody DETAIL
Cobea Moody CLOSE UP

Cobea Ogee | Black

Cobea Ogee Black PATTERN
Cobea Ogee Black DETAIL
Cobea Ogee Black CLOSE UP

Cobea Ogee | Sage

Cobea Ogee Sage PATTERN
Cobea Ogee Sage DETAIL
Cobea Ogee Sage CLOSE UP

Cobea Ogee | White

Cobea Ogee White PATTERN
Cobea Ogee White DETAIL
Cobea Ogee White CLOSE UP