Cobea II Pattern Series

These flowers are among the most “pattern-genic” of my motifs. The veining, translucency, and strong shapes make ¬†them suitable for both bold and subtle patterns. Many of the variations in this series fit amongst the other Pop designs.

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Cobea II | Vibrant

Cobea 2 Vibrant PATTERN
Cobea 2 Vibrant DETAIL

Cobea II | Sweet

Cobea 2 Sweet PATTERN
Cobea 2 Sweet DETAIL

Cobea II | Vintage Tomato

Cobea 2 Pop Vintage Tomato PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Vintage Tomato DETAIL

Cobea II | Princess

Cobea 2 Princess PATTERN
Cobea 2 Princess DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Turquoise

Cobea 2 Pop Turquoise PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Turquoise DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Garden

Cobea 2 Pop Garden PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Garden DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Lemon Lime

Cobea 2 Pop Lemon Lime PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Lemon Lime DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Purple

Cobea 2 Pop Purple PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Purple DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Cobalt

Cobea 2 Cobalt PATTERN
Cobea 2 Cobalt DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Carnival

Cobea 2 Pop Carnival PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Carnival DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Green

Cobea 2 Pop Green PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Green DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Gentle

Cobea 2 Pop Gentle PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Gentle DETAIL

Cobea II | Gilded

Cobea 2 Gilded PATTERN
Cobea 2 Gilded DETAIL

Cobea II | Pop Holiday

Cobea 2 Pop Holiday PATTERN
Cobea 2 Pop Holiday DETAIL