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Blackberry Pattern Series

Our twelve-foot row of blackberries towers over the more diminutive raspberries nearby. The canes arch over the footpath reaching eight feet or more. They hold out their promise of sweetness all summer until finally, as fall approaches, begin to bear fruit in large glossy clusters.


The series has two formats: Clusters and Vines. The cluster motifs are accented and connected with our geode- and Art Nouveau- and marbling-inspired outlines. The vine patterns employ topographic forms between the stripes. The result is bit of an op-art effect, the more vivid the colorway, the more apparent the effect. 

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Blackberry Cluster | Light

Blackberry Cluster Light PATTERN
Blackberry Cluster Light DETAIL
Blackberry Cluster Light CLOSE UP

Blackberry Cluster | Dark

Blackberry Cluster Deep PATTERN
Blackberry Cluster Deep DETAIL
Blackberry Cluster Deep CLOSE UP

Blackberry Vine | Peach

Blackberry Vine Peach PATTERN
Blackberry Vine Peach DETAIL
Blackberry Vine Peach CLOSE UP

Blackberry Vine | Teal

Blackberry Vine Teal PATTERN
Blackberry Vine Teal DETAIL
Blackberry Vine Teal CLOSE UP

Blackberry Vine | Op Red

Blackberry Vine Op Art PATTERN
Blackberry Vine Op Art DETAIL
Blackberry Cluster Light CLOSE UP