About ChickSeed Studio


ChickSeed is the on-site art studio at Foster Road Farm where we grow a fantastic array of botanicals for local sales and events. These beauties are a primary source of inspiration for the designs and products we offer. A deep relationship develops when one starts a plant from seed, nurtures the seedling to maturity, selects blooms at their peak, then creates art that celebrates this ephemeral glory.

Pink Zinnia and monarch butterfly

Design Sensibility

ChickSeed style is a distinctive blend of influences assimilated over my lifetime as an artist: a love of natural materials, printmaking and pattern design, the hues of the seasons in the Finger Lakes of New York State; cartographic elements from my years as a mapmaker; and the textures, forms and motifs that abound at this historic homestead farm, circa 1830. All these are combined using digital  tools and techniques to create a modern take on design traditions. 

Creative Chaos
Autumn Bouquet NATURAL
Gourd blossom card
Amaryllis Scandinavian CLOSE UP

Work with ChickSeed

Our ready-made designs are available for licensing. 

We also welcome opportunities to adapt existing work to your specific formats or colorways, collaborate on new projects, or create new custom work. We’d love to hear from you! TALK TO US about your project.